Oscecin – Andre Smith Mia goes into hiding after home invasion

Last evening, Andre Smith Mia fled his home after it was invaded unsuccessfully by the Sanctuarian Military. He went into hiding in what is believed to be a village at the border of the country called Ishmegru, but this has not yet been confirmed. His home in the Crumlar neighborhood of Oscecin City was invaded and ransacked by the SN Military. It and the five other buildings around it were torched for good measure. The leak about Ishmegru came from a man who happened to be Smith Mia’s ex-friend; Rosh Pollochinkzoh. He told the SN government where Smith Mia was most likely to go; there is a high-security fort in Ishmegru. Not much other information is known.


SN – Nitro unveils its new AeroPhone 7 at ElektroCon 2014

Yesterday at ElektroCon phone and gadget convention, Nitro CEO Michael Utt unveiled the newest AeroPhone: the AeroPhone 7. It has a base price of $199 and has many improvements to the last version of nitroOS. For instance, there is a standard app called MyRun, which can take your heart rate and also count miles run. Another feature is NitroTV, which can automatically sync what’s on your phone to your TV, at the touch of a button. The phone itself will be on sale in Best Buys and TekCo stores this coming fall.

COLTRON – Massive meat recall, meat could be infected with salmonella

Yesterday, meat packing company Quimby Packing recalled over 350,000 meat patties as the result of over 262 sicknesses and 16 deaths caused by their meat supposedly being infected with the deadly disease salmonella. The sicknesses are concentrated around the North Bay Area of the city, where many restaurants and groceries use meat packed by Quimby. One such restaurant (The Waterview Bar and Grill) has used this beef. The owner, John Indleson, has documented 2 sicknesses from his restaurant. “I wish we had known about this sooner,” says Indleson. The Coltronese government has put on a temporary ban to all beef products, hopefully long enough to fix the problems. The families of the sick and dead have been compensated.

~AWNN | Mark Revley | mrevley@awnn.www

SN – President Randall Kingston signs compact with Joglejinkx mayor Sean Pryce to annex southeast corner

Last night, SN president Randall Kingston and Joglejinkx mayor Sean Pryce agreed to annex a small corner of Joglejinkx for SN, based on a national vote in SN and Joglejinkx. The results for the SN were 79% and in Joglejinkx it was 52%. For now, the code name of the territory is simply “Jogle 1”. It is home to over 350,000 people, most of which who would like to join the SN. The vote in over half of the villages in the region was unanimous to join the SN. We interviewed these people, and they all said they voted to join the SN because of bad leadership in Joglejinkx. The SN plans to develop this area more later in the year.

~AWNN | Blake Yates | byates@awnn.www

PADILIYUM – Former Padiliyish CIA worker Jan Kirkpatrick pleads guilty in alleged data leak scandal



Yesterday, Former CIA worker Jan Kirkpatrick pleaded guilty for her alleged leak of top-secret Padiliyish intelligence to Oscecinean officials. The case was closed by supreme justice Korri La Rue at Padiliyum City Courthouse. In Padiliyum, leaking government information to an outside source, particularly an enemy society, is considered a serious felony. Kirkpatrick can face up to 25 years in federal prison and a maximum fine of $25,750,000. Padiliyish officials have identified the co-workers of Kirkpatrick who helped to leak the data, and also the Oscecinean official who received the intelligence. The Padiliyish government refuses to tell us the names of Kirkpatrick’s sidekicks, but has released the name of the Oscecinean who received the data: Oglick Brejopol. There is more to be found out about this newest scandal, so please stick around for more.

~atlantigonews | Jon Maestro | jmaestro@agnn.www